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conference phone at&t sb3014 wm
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AT&T SB3014-WM

Replacement Microphone

  • DECT 6.0 Wireless Microphone
  • Mute Button w/ LED Indicator
  • Power On / Off Soft Switch
  • Active Call LED Indicator
  • Magnetic Charging Via Base Unit
  • Compatible w/ SB-3014 Conference Speakerphone

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AT&T SB3014-WM

Replacement Microphone
Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty
Single Pack

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Conference calls are a vital element of business communication, and we need a better solution to ensure that both sides listen and speak clearly. AT&T conference speakerphones are at the top of these solutions. The best thing about AT&T conference phones is that you don't need to hover around the speakerphone to make sure the other party can listen to you carefully. With its advanced audio features, interference-free sound quality, and wireless flexibility, AT&T conference phones ensure you have efficient conference calls every time.

One-on-one talks over the phone are quite different from the group calls in your meeting and conference rooms. So, we need dedicated solutions that are efficient in group calls, just like AT&T conference phones. The brand designs the most innovative conference phones that value each participant and owns the responsibility of a clear to-and-fro of the voice across the parties. They utilize the advanced DECT 6.0 technology to elevate their wireless capabilities and provide you the most engaging conference calls ever.

The Most Unique Conference Speakerphone in the Market

AT&T conference phone provides individual microphones for each participant to ensure that the speakers' voice reaches the listener with clarity. Its advanced audio features create an audio free of background and ambient noise, to have more natural flowing conversations. The premium sound quality is also due to the full-duplex technology, digital mixing, and audio equalization features. AT&T conference phones provide clear, full-room coverage, ensuring maximum participation, and hence productive meetings. In a unique and innovative design, it brings your conference rooms together to have the most involving conversations ever.

Simplifying your Conference Calls

Being the leader of the telecommunication sector, AT&T develops technologies that are innovative yet simple and easy to use. AT&T conference phone is a perfect example! They are among the best conference speakerphones in the market. DECT 6.0, premium sound quality, enhanced coverage, longer talk time, etc., are the top features, no doubt. But, what makes it even better that these wireless conference speakerphones are also easy to use, with a large backlit display, keypad, caller ID support, and more. With the unique individual cordless microphones, you can even move around while you speak. A built-in charging station helps you keep them ready for the next call. In all, an AT&T conference phone would simplify your conference calls, and raise the efficiency of your meeting halls for sure.