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ATT Refurbished Corded Phones att945
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AT&T 945

Corded Phone (4 Line)

  • Corded Phone
  • 4-Line Operation
  • Expandable Up To 16 Stations
  • Backlit LCD Display (4-Line)
  • Speakerphone
  • Wall Mountable/Mount Included

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  • Fully tested from highly trained technicians.
  • All factory serviced phones come with 90 day warranty.
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AT&T 945

Corded Phone (4 Line)
Factory Serviced Includes 90 Day Warranty

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AT& carries a great line of multi-line refurbished corded phones. These corded refurbished phones, which range from 2 to 4 line operation, are equipped with digital answering system, speakerphone and LCD display. Several models can even support up to 12 separate stations.

AT&T Refurbished Corded Phone

AT&T refurbished phones offer 16 station speed dial, which allows you to store frequently dialed numbers in one central location. You can easily adjust your refurbished phone's ringer and handset volume and with the AT&T message waiting indicator, you will always notice when there are new messages to be read. Hands-free operation is also possible via the speakerphone facility.