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AT&T Phone Accessories

AT&T phone accessories like the Softalk is a comfortable shoulder rest that helps prevent shoulder and neck tiredness. The shoulder rest designed to use with curved / slightly curved phones is a perfect tool to have during hands free conversation. Self -adhesive mounting for easy attachment is also present in this telephone accessory. The dove gray portable amplifier can be strapped onto any headset. The AT&T amplifier has the ability to boost the sound up to 20 times. The grey colored replacement handset is a great accessory that delivers increased clarity and enhanced security features. The white coil cord is an extension cable that connects the handset to the base of your phone systems. With the help of cord untangler the user will no longer have to waste their time and energy untangling cords. It is also helpful in reducing the danger of pulling phone off table-top or desk. AT&T Cord detangler can rotate cords 360 degree to prevent tangles and snags. The AT&T SYNJ holster with adjustable belt clip come with a magnetic strap and allow phone buttons to be easily accessed while phone is in the holster. The AT&T 2 line adapter is a wonderful gadget that easily converts a single phone jack into a dual jack. The foam padding is also a great way to reduce the effects of vibration and humidity. AT&T accessories such as the external ring detector let you know when you have a call and you're away from your desk. Batteries by AT&T deliver reliable power and performance for the telephone communication systems. AT&T phone accessories have always added charm to its strong accessories portfolio.

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